Lamp Cords with Switch and Light Socket Supplier, Made In China

Lamp Cords With Switch and Light Socket

Light Cords with inline switch and lamp holder, pendant lamp wire with rotary adjustment switch, 303, 304, 317 ON/OFF switch, waterproof switch and etc to control the any Bulb and LED, Lamp Sockets with spiral socket E5, E12, E14, E26, E27, E40 and so on. Hanging Light Socket with Extension Cord - Extension Hanging Lantern Cord hooks Cable, Lamp Cord with Switch Pendant Light Socket, Light Bulb Cable.

The above products only list some combinations for reference only. If you need to customize various other types of certified plugs, wires, switches, lamp holders, light sockets, lengths, colors, hooks, packaging, and other aspects, we can meet all the requirements you can think of. Please send me drawings, photos, or your idea. Contact now!