IEC 60320 C7 Power Cords Connector, Plug type: C7, IEC 60320 Power Cords Connector Supplier, Made In China

IEC 60320 C7 Power Cords Connector

IEC 60320 C7 Power Cords Connector

Plug and Connector Type: C7
IEC 60320 C7 with Europe VDE, American UL, Korea KTL, Australia SAA, Japan PSE certifed approval IEC 60320 C13 Standard.

Our IEC 60320 C7 Power Cords Connector products are fully molded with a low profile ergonomic design and RoHS, REACH and PAHS compliant.

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IEC 60320 C7 Power Cords Connector Specifications

  • Label
  • Connector Standard:
    IEC 60320 C7
  • Maximum Current rating:
  • Maximum Voltage:
  • Number of Poles and Wires:
    2 poles, 2 wires
  • Copper Conductor Material:
    Oxygen free Copper (OFCU)
  • Outer Jacket Material:
    PVC, Rubber, Halogen-Free, Textile braid
  • Blade Material:
    Nickel coated Brass
  • Flamability Rating:
    UL 94V-0
  • Color:
    Black is standard but any color available
  • Temperature Rating:
    Minus 40C though plus 75C
  • Approvals:
  • Environmental Certifications:
  • Testing:
    Hi-Pot (Dielectric Withstanding Voltage), Polarity (pinout) and Continuity
  • Country of Origin:
    Made In China
  • Packing:
    Standard Export Carton

IEC 60320 C7 Power Cords Connector Available Wire Styles

Gauge/ # Conductors Cord Type
18/2 SPT-1, SPT-2, NISPT-1, NISPT-2, HPN
16/2 SPT-2, NISPT-2, HPN
2x0.5mm² H03VV-F, H03VVH2-F, RVVB, RVV
2x0.75mm² H03VV-F, H03VVH2-F, H05VV-F, H05VVH2-F, H05RR-F, H05RN-F, RVVB, RVV
2x1.0mm² H05VV-F, H05VV-F, H05RR-F, H05RN-F, RVV